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Update from Berlin #16 | Start Ups and AI | Cannabis Legizlation | Bundesrat

Update from Berlin
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In this episode:

  • Bundestag
  • Affordable Housing
  • Hospital Transparency
  • Cannabis Legalization
  • Bundesrat
  • Constitutional Court
[Full Script]

Hello and welcome to a new episode of ‘Update from Berlin’. I’m Carlo Schwamborn, and I’m eager to update you on this week’s developments.

While there’s a ton on the agenda of the Bundestag, we want to focus on three aspects, where Germany’s parliament is looking ahead so to speak.

For one, a report on the Federal Government’s start-up strategy will be debated. Secondly, a national data-strategy drafted by the Government is on the table, and third parliamentarians will consider a proposal by the CDU/CSU parliamentary group on AI in Germany.

At the nitty-gritty committee level, let’s look at construction and health. In the Construction Committee, MPs are set to discuss a report on affordable housing – this happens while simultaneously the Federal Government is once again commencing a push to further affordable construction and increase new housing construction.

Also this week, in the Health Committee a public hearing on the Hospital Transparency Act, is scheduled for Wednesday. Subsequently, the Committee will also debate the proposed Cannabis Act, which is the first step in a two-step effort by Health Minister Lauterbach – from the Social Democrats – to legalize marijuana in Germany.

The Bundesrat is also meeting this week – on Wednesday. It too will debate the Cannabis Act – as even some Social Democratic governed states are becoming skeptical of the Federal Government’s plans. However, primarily the states will discuss the federal budget. They will also look at changes to Germany’s competition legislation, as well as various bills concerning construction and energy efficiency. My personal highlight, however, will come when the chamber talks about changes to Germany’s wine law. Chers.

With that a quick look at Karlsruhe, where Germany’s constitutional court will publish its opinion on artificially generated reviews on online marketplaces.

There’s much, much more we could talk about; in Berlin, the states, and of course in Europe. However, that’s all we have time for today.

As always, we appreciate hearing from you. So leave a like, and or a comment and share this video with your colleagues and friends. And: Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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