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What does elfnullelf stand for?

We are a public affairs-consultancy in the middle of Berlin’s parliamentary and government district. The name is both a cipher and a synonym: Platz der Republik 1, elfnullelf (11011) Berlin. First of all, it is a postal code, the central postal code of the German Bundestag. But there is much more behind it!

We take an innovative approach to public affairs consulting. For our clients, we continuously develop new digital solutions and formats for successful political communication and advocacy that is transparent and sustainable.

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What are our unique selling points?

At elfnullelf, we want to break new ground in public affairs consulting. For our clients, we continuously develop new digital solutions and formats for successful political communication and advocacy.

Our topics

We specialize in the topics of digitalization, energy and climate, traffic and transport, health, financial markets and construction

Our clients

We focus in particular on advising small and medium-sized companies and associations, to whom we want to give a voice in the political representation of interests through our advice.

Our services

We see public affairs as digital, transparent and innovative: Not only are the topics changing, but the messages of public affairs must also be implemented in innovative formats

Expectations of politics and administration have changed, and so have many decision-making processes. We are firmly convinced: Our work for you works best with professional and, above all, transparent methods as well as digital products. In this way, it also becomes affordable for medium-sized companies and medium-sized associations.

How and where we can support you:

With our informal network we are able to help you in a number of countries and at the European level.

Does your company operate in an innovative or highly regulated environment? Then it is worthwhile to be informed as early as possible about political demands of important players, regulatory intentions such as legislative initiatives or draft regulations, planning by ministries or funding programs in order to be able to react to them quickly. With our individually tailored monitoring, we provide you with the information relevant to you and analyze how you can use it to your advantage.

The political interests of your company can vary widely. Whether you want to help shape a current legislative process or put an issue on the political agenda. We can help you with the appropriate measures. Depending on the case, for example, position papers, personal discussions with stakeholders, specialist events, webinars, campaigns, or pure communication in social media can be used.

Companies are confronted with numerous political and social challenges. We help you to recognize these and develop a strategy with you, with measures that fit you and your goals and are specifically geared to your business model. Successful collaboration generally begins with a strategy workshop. We then accompany and support you in the implementation of the defined measures. We identify new opportunities and possibilities. We also show you how best to react to unforeseen events. Because public affairs work is just as dynamic as its target group.

Stakeholders are individuals or groups who can significantly support or endanger the goals of your company or even your business model. Depending on the case, these can be, for example, senior officials, politicians, journalists, associations, but also competitors, your employees, or shareholders. We help you to identify and classify the more distant stakeholders and to convince the right decision-makers of your concerns with the appropriate measures.

Political communication thrives on attractive content. This ranges from the classic electronic newsletter to press releases and articles for your website to printed flyers, magazines or journals. We also support you in the conception of eBooks, webinars, social media campaigns, and interactive website content. In short, we help you create and deliver the right content to the right target audience.

In many cases, well-designed trade events are the right tool to reach your target group and convince them of your concerns. You present your company and establish personal contacts. Whether smaller and exclusive roundtables with ministry representatives responsible at working level, conferences with experts or broad-based information events and congresses. Together with our cooperation partners, we also support you in organizing and implementing the event format that is right for you. For events and workshops, for example, we can offer you our own event room (50m² for up to 30 people) in the heart of Berlin, directly at the Friedrichstrasse train station (and less than half a kilometer from the Bundestag’s office buildings). We also have good experience with digital event formats such as webinars, webmeetings, or online press conferences. What it boils down to: We can support you from A to Z.

Political communication involves exchanges with all politically relevant stakeholders. These are political decision-makers, representatives of government agencies, state institutions, associations, and interest groups. If you as a company take a position on a current political issue or an issue affecting your company, you are engaging in political communication. This is especially true if you are putting this topic on the agenda for the first time. We advise and support you with the appropriate tools.

If you want to win customers in the public sector, you have to deal with tenders and complex procurement processes. Here, the rule is: everything starts with the definition of requirements. For public contracts, this is the most important step and it is also where there is the most scope. As with stakeholder management, we help you find the right decision-makers for your products and services and get in touch with them. We also support and advise you before and during the tendering process.

Interest groups have great influence when it comes to helping shape political decisions. In addition, they usually have valuable industry knowledge and expertise, which politicians and administrators rely on when making decisions. Based on our many years of consulting experience with association organizations, we can support you in your own association work. For example, when it comes to getting involved in working groups or attending specialist events. In addition, we know the association landscape very well through our work and can help you find the right association if you have not yet become active. On the other hand, we advise and support associations in political communications, change management, in digitizing processes, when founding and setting up their organizational structures, as well as in the acquisition of members and business. We can also help find office space and staff in Berlin at the seat of government and parliament.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our consulting services, please feel free to contact us.

elfnullelf GmbH Berlin

Albrechtstr. 13
10117 Berlin – Germany
Phone: +4930 400 54 100

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